Welcome to my little corner of the interweb! When I was a child I would write my name with the stem of the “A” on the wrong side, making it look like a “Q”. The nickname stuck and JQ was born. Childhood memories are formative and powerful and to me it was obvious that my artistic voice should take on this identity, with a nod to my inquisitive nature.

I’m unabashedly pervy. I relish sexuality–its mystery and power and opportunity for making us our better selves by finding healthy expression. Sex is a divine blessing, if you believe in divinity, rather than something to repress and be cause for shame. I am an ambivert, straddling a line between logician INTP and debater ENTP. I relish challenging conventional thinking (and annoyingly per my amazing ex-wife). I’m optimistic and na├»ve and simultaneously selfish and generous. I love the feeling of music washing over me and moving to it. I play the drums. My bravery has come late in my life but it is here now with a vengeance. I’m a student of Nietzsche and find that the Dionysian dialectic speaks to my personal philosophy of celebration with balance. I’m always eager for new friendships and fellow adventurers of all stripes, though writers and photographers and kinky folk are those I’m finding myself most drawn to. I’m looking for answers, but not easy answers, and building wisdom in fits and starts one small nugget at a time.